Google Analytics Filters Shared by Reference

$ga_filter1_on_siteA = 'foo';
$ga_filter1_on_siteB = $ga_filter_on_siteA;
$ga_filter1_on_siteB = 'bar';
print $ga_filter_on_siteA;  // => "bar";


WTF.  These filters are copied/shared by reference?  Apparently.

Google Analytics (Real-Time) filters not working at all

You may be like me and wonder why it seems that Google Analytics Filters are not working at all -- on the Real-Time Overview page, for example.  It was here that I've been bashing my head against Hostname Include and Exclude filters, expecting the Real-Time data to be filtered.

Apparently, Real-Time data in Google Analytics completely disregards any Filters.

That's got to be a bug!

Drush Registry Rebuild (rr) Helps Fix Module [Un]Install Mess

Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception. Original

Aegir Serves 404 error during Migrate task before Varnish is restarted

I migrated a site from one platform to another.  In the process, the site went down with a 404 not found error from Apache.  When the Migrate task completed, Apache (not Drupal) still threw a 404 error.  Post 8080 (Apache, behind Varnish) delivered the page.  So I restarted varnish and the site began responding again on port 80.


Hmmm...  Should Varnish be restarted as part of the Migrate task?  Why have I never experienced this with any other Migrate tasks?

Aegir Changes Passwords on Site Migrations

Site passwords change in Apache config files when Aegir site is migrated between platforms.  Only slightly annoying for drush alias file management.

Drupal Profiling with XHProf on Ubuntu 11.10 + Memcached and Varnish

  1. Install memcached, varnish, and xhprof

    sudo apt-get install memcached
    sudo apt-get install php5-memcached
    sudo apt-get install varnish
    sudo pecl install php-xhprof

  2. Install xhprof front-end

    cd /var/www
    git clone

  3. Configure Apache and Varnish ports

    sudo vim /etc/apache2/ports.conf ; // Change 80 to 8080
    sudo vim /etc/apache2/sites-available/default // Change 80 to 8080
    sudo vim /etc/default/varnish // Change 6081 to 80

  4. [Re]start services

Set Drupal cache and aggregation settings in settings.php

Drupal 6:

$conf['preprocess_css'] = 0;
$conf['preprocess_js'] = 0;
$conf['cache'] = 0;



Set Drupal files directory path in settings.php

In Drupal 6 settings.php:

$conf['file_directory_path'] = 'sites/';

In Drupal 7 settings.php:

$conf['file_public_path'] = 'sites/';
$conf['file_private_path'] = '/var/_private-web-files/';


Troubleshooting Dying Jenkins Server

New to Jenkins, I'm having an issue troubleshooting Jenkins -- specifically why it's dying...

I couldn't see any gripes in /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log -- just normal startup notifications...

But the jenkins service keeps dying.

After some searching for "jenkins ci die", I found these resources:

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