Customizing Varnish VCL on Mercury Server

When getting started with Varnish on Mercury (1.1), I decided to use two resources for VCL logic:
  1. Lullabot Nate Haug's article "Configuring Varnish for High-Availability with Multiple Web Servers" (my implementation only utilizes parts of it)
  2. Stewart Robinson's HIT/MISS header set in sub vcl_deliver

Hudson import_site (Mercury) job

While using Hudson's **import_site** (Mercury) job to import my Pressflow site into my new Mercury server, I came across the following issues:

1. At first, I thought I'd be able to point the TARBALL argument to a remote http:// url.  This did not work.  I had to point to a local location.

2. Then I had to point to the untarred location, instead of the .tar file.  (When pointing to my .tar file, I got this error: `Fatal error: Archive file "" does not exist.`).

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