Working with Git submodules

So I've got all my contrib and custom modules and themes as git submodules within a plain Pressflow installation ... Today I learned that after I add all my submodules, push the entire (parent) project to "origin" or "collab", and then clone it down somewhere else, in the new location I have to run `git submodule init` and `git submodule update` to have each of the git submodules populate themselves.

This is because the parent repo, which I just cloned, only has a 3-part reference to the submodules: each of their (1) git origin/source, (2) relative path, and (3) last commit.

Pressflow dog

Pressflow dog

I set up a private git server for my projects

Created my project

I checked out pressflow/6.git

renamed tracking remote 'origin' to 'upstream'

created new tracking remote 'collab' pointing to my project repo on private git server

... now, i need to:

Looking Forward to Development in Drupal (7 and 8) with Git, Drush, and ...Eclipse?

Beginning my Drupal 7 development today with a git clone of drupal, and setting up my local development environment with MAMP and Drush, I am glad to be started with Drupal 7 and excited to have that 8.x branch enticing me on, too.  I know git will help ease the pain of site and multi-site maintenance against the latest Drupal releases, and Drush (4.x) will help blast through build, deployment, and management chores.

Drupal Site Upgrades with Drush in Git/Eclipse Workflow

I've got a Drupal 6.14 installation recently initialized as a Git repo that I now need to upgrade (from Drupal core 6.14 to 6.19 and to the latest versions of several contributed modules.  To safely upgrade this site I'll perform the upgrades locally and make sure they don't break any of the functionality - especially in the features from custom modules which may have been written against these now outdated versions of some important modules.  So the idea is to create a branch from the current code to a new line of development for these upgrades.  I'm familiar with SVN branch

Git in it

New Git repo

New Git repo setup

New Git repo first commit

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