New system setup notes: Ubuntu 11.10 on Toshiba Satellite A505-S6992

on a toshiba a505-s6992


To Do List After installing Ubuntu 11.10 aka Oneiric Ocelot

15 Things I Did After Installing New Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot


to get external monitor to work, had to install latest nvidia drivers:

Real World Performance Analysis by Narayan Newton

Talking to clients/stakeholders

Going beyond "it's slow"

- Authenticated/anonymous balance

. Other limitations

1. Validate load times quoted to us (assume client is lying) ;)

2. Stay zoomed out...

- pt-query-digest

slowlog in my.cnf - long-query-time

drupal 6 views_lightpager module -- doesn't run the select count(*) AS expression

views for d7 is a little smarter

views > view > settings > advanced > add views signatures


- webgrid


SANDcamp 2012

Sandcamp was cool.  Learned about Sass, gotta check out Megalodon

Notes on Aegir Setup and Drupal Installation Profiles

Having setup my first Aegir server and installation profile, here are a few quick notes/links for future reference:

Drupal 7 "Sample Request" feature using Flag, Views, Webform, and a few hooks

Today @welly in #drupal-support asked about how to have Druapl 7 "users to be able to flag a bunch of nodes and then submit their list of flagged nodes to an admin user some how."

I just happened to do that exact thing for a client project just a few weeks ago.

So here's my approach.

Using Flag (and Session API for anonymous flagging) with Views, Webform, and a few webform hooks, I was able to allow users to flag items for which they could request samples in a webform.

There are four components:

Following WSCCI

Trying to keep up with the discussion on WSCII, I'm taking notes here:

Custom Drupal 6 Multistep Form Wizard

I'm starting on my second major version of a custom D6 multistep form-based module with a few interesting requirements, particularly:

Drupal 7 #ajax incompatible with Ctools form wizard

According to Earl's comment on a related issue, there is an incompatibility between Ctools' Form Wizard tool and Drupal's #ajax functionality in Drupal 7.

Customizing Varnish VCL on Mercury Server

When getting started with Varnish on Mercury (1.1), I decided to use two resources for VCL logic:
  1. Lullabot Nate Haug's article "Configuring Varnish for High-Availability with Multiple Web Servers" (my implementation only utilizes parts of it)
  2. Stewart Robinson's HIT/MISS header set in sub vcl_deliver
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