Notes on Aegir Setup and Drupal Installation Profiles

Having setup my first Aegir server and installation profile, here are a few quick notes/links for future reference:

Installation Profiles

  • List module dependencies first - i.e date_api before date.
  • Custom modules need versions (branches, tags, etc) specified as there is no way for Drush to determine available versions (contrib modules use

Aegir platforms

  •  Recursive .make file execution ...means:
  •  Platform has a make file, which may include an installation profile, which may include it's own make file.
  •  Define libraries in platform .make files -- not in installation files. -- so they end up in <platform>/sites/all/libraries rather than <platform>/profiles/<profile>/sites/all/libraries

Aegir site configuration

  • Site settings like db_url, db_user, db_pass, are not in settings.php, but in the vhost files for each site.
  • Settings.php cannot be changed.  Instead use (create--it doesn't exist at first) local.settings.php.
  • can be used for aegir-wide settings overrides (see Customizing Site Settings in an Aegir Environment)