Looking Forward to Development in Drupal (7 and 8) with Git, Drush, and ...Eclipse?

Beginning my Drupal 7 development today with a git clone of drupal, and setting up my local development environment with MAMP and Drush, I am glad to be started with Drupal 7 and excited to have that 8.x branch enticing me on, too.  I know git will help ease the pain of site and multi-site maintenance against the latest Drupal releases, and Drush (4.x) will help blast through build, deployment, and management chores.

In my recent work with Features (mainly managing block placements with Contexts and exporting site features to code), I have confidently and quickly been developing and testing simultaneously between several environments.  I will like to explore drush rsync and sql-sync, plus backup and migrate (bam) for keeping tighter ties between multiple single site environments.

With Aegir and whatever other provisioning/accounting of multi-site installations (more drush, no doubt), I hope to make my multi-site installations even more solid.

As I continue to develop for Drupal, I will have to make some regular time for code (documentation!) cleanup and good housekeeping -- I'm wondering how much I really care to keep developing in Eclipse!  Too many things don't work, and it's a beast on my old macbook.

Drupal drupal drupal drupal drupal drupal drupal!! :D < 7.x ~ 8.x ~ ... !