Reminder: Disable Profile Module to see *Content* Profile Fields

In migrating from [Drupal core's] Profile module to [Drupal contrib] Content Profile module, I was not seeing the new Content Profile fields display in the output of the Panel Page to which I added them ... until:

  1. I created the 'Content Profile' Relationship Context, and 
  2. I disabled the Drupal core Profile module.

At first, when I added the fields to the Panel page (at user/%user) and didn't see them, I tried adding a User context in addition to the Profile Node Relationship, but that still left me with a blank user profile page.  When I finally disabled the core Profile module, my fields began to display.

So, when migrating from Profile to Content Profile (as you should!) ;), after you have migrated all your data to the new fields, and before you're ready to start seeing your Content Profile fields display, make sure to disable the core Profile module.