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A Few Regular Expression (Regex) Resources, the site, and the Regular Expressions (Don't Use Google Analytics Without Them) blog post from BlueGlass all helped me while working on Google Analytics Go

Drupal Site Upgrades with Drush in Git/Eclipse Workflow

I've got a Drupal 6.14 installation recently initialized as a Git repo that I now need to upgrade (from Drupal core 6.14 to 6.19 and to the latest versions of several contributed modules.  To safely upgrade this site I'll perform the upgrades locally and make sure they don't break any of the functionality - especially in the features from custom modules which may have been written against these now outdated versions of some important modules.  So the idea is to create a branch from the current code to a new line of development for these upgrades.  I'm familiar with SVN branch

Git in it

New Git repo

New Git repo setup

New Git repo first commit

Designing a HTML newsletter for Drupal (with the Simplenews module)

Circatree Design Newsletter design draft v0.1I designed this email newsletter in Photoshop and want to send it through Drupal.  I've got Simplenews setup and a newsletter (taxonomy term) called "Connections".

Import Drupal nodes with Migrate & Table Wizard

I'm following Angie Byron's Lullabot article on using the Migrate and Table Wizard modules to import data into Drupal.  My current project requires importing hundreds of pages from a static HTML site, so it's crucial that I have a reliable way to automate that process.  At first I tried to use the Node Import module to import my spreadsheet ge

Circatree Design Now Online

I'm excited to have finally released [the start] of my first site for Circatree Design.

It admittedly needs lots more love even after I implement in Drupal what I've already designed in Photoshop.

On Web Accessibility

Robert Erichsen, access specialist at MiraCosta college, presented on the topic of Web Accessibility to our web design 3 class today.

While the school's current site is not very optimized for accessibility, the rebranding and redesign efforts currently underway will ensure the new site is most accessible..

While many organizations recognize it as a "best practice", section 508 standards compliance is a requirement for websites of organizations receiving federal funding.

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