Designing a HTML newsletter for Drupal (with the Simplenews module)

Circatree Design Newsletter design draft v0.1I designed this email newsletter in Photoshop and want to send it through Drupal.  I've got Simplenews setup and a newsletter (taxonomy term) called "Connections".

Acquia Webinar Notes: CCK and Taxonomy

CCK: Various Data Types (for definition)
Taxonomy: (for classification) allows for organic growth of content

How do you know which to use?
* Are you listing attributes? (color of a pen, type of a car)
* Do you need to store data other than plain text? (Taxonomy only allows plain text)
* How much control do you want over the theming? (CCK allows precise theming)
* Do you need a hierarchy? (Use Taxonomy)
* Should users be able to "free tag" content? (Where community is driving content)
* Do your objects exist in the real world?
Both! Let the features of your site decide.

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