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Web Design 3 (MAT235): Site Design + Architecture course at MiraCosta College, Spring 2010

Circatree Design Now Online

I'm excited to have finally released [the start] of my first site for Circatree Design.

It admittedly needs lots more love even after I implement in Drupal what I've already designed in Photoshop.

On Web Accessibility

Robert Erichsen, access specialist at MiraCosta college, presented on the topic of Web Accessibility to our web design 3 class today.

While the school's current site is not very optimized for accessibility, the rebranding and redesign efforts currently underway will ensure the new site is most accessible..

While many organizations recognize it as a "best practice", section 508 standards compliance is a requirement for websites of organizations receiving federal funding.

Drupal: An Introduction

This page is a resource for an instructional activity I am presenting to my Web Design 3 classmates at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA.  It supplements the slides I am delivering during the 20 minutes I have for my presentation on Tuesday April 13, 2010.

CasadeAmistad.org Redux

Casa De Amistad Home page design comp 1d
Color scheme: Casa De Amistad 1
Casa De Amistad Home page design comp 1

Experimental CSS Design

In this week nine of my Web Design 3 class (http://karlcleveland.com/235/#9) I continue my study of CSS layout, exploring some experimental techniques. (Next week is spring break and the week after Photoshop comps are due and we will review PSD-to-CSS production.)

Design Principle: Balance

Attached is an archive of my work for a webpage demonstrating Balance as a web design principle for Karl's MAT235 class.

From planning to design

Moving from the planning to design phases, we will be exploring color, typography, imagery, texture/background, and grids/layout investigations. As a team, we need to investigate all of these topics while each team member will be required to investigate at least three. As the source creative research toward the project, it will direct design once it begins.

Usability and Testing

30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of

What do you think the site's about?
How would you contact us?
Is there stuff you find unclear or confusing?
How would you evaluate ______?
How would you go about finding _____?

Usability tests are commonly task oriented (i.e. on MiraCosta's site: Find and enroll in a class.)

Watch the mouse as they use the site. Look for clicks, mistakes, time it takes to achieve goal...

In our MAT235 class we're split into 3 groups to:
1. find a site

Week 5 - Advanced CSS

Box Model
Karl uses Dreamweaver with the Lorem & More Dreamweaver extension to demonstrate the CSS Box Model (Demo) to our web design 3 class today. He references the Units of Measure - Points, Pixels, Ems, and % table.

Reset CSS code
This (reset.css) was referenced in Karl's instruction:

@charset "utf-8";
/*Browser reset to zero out margins and padding*/

3 Kinds of Links

Tracy Reith's Information Architecture presentation identifies three kinds of links for websites:

  1. Navigational
  2. Contextual
  3. Referential

That helps. :)

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