About Me

My web career started in networking at the age of 17, working with Windows & Novell network admins to setup LANs and troubleshoot workstations for small and medium sized businesses. After running cable and fixing PCs for a year I started designing newsletters and websites for the company and its clients.

Two years later I took a job with a crime reporting software company, formatting their XML police reports into PDFs via XSLT. When that startup chewed through its capital and the business closed, the marketing manager and I both moved on together to start our own businesses in large format printing and web design.

I developed his website and helped him with his auto wrap graphic designs and production while he helped me win and manage new design business. I created logos, brochures, business cards, and HTML websites until 2004, when I began working primarily with PHP content management systems to create long-term manageable websites for my designs.

As I continued to discover the power of dynamic websites I came across Drupal and since 2007 have been hell-bent on making it work and look the way I want. The power of the system and the strength of the community around Drupal have driven great results for my clients.  The ecommerce websites, community portals, and CRM and CMS applications, all contribute to the growth of their businesses.

Since the development work I've done has allowed many of those businesses to take their regular web management in-house and recent design + development projects, through my growing command of Drupal and experience with effective design, have been delivered so quickly, I now need to generate new business.

By choosing to work with only the most committed companies and the highest quality creative teams I am positioning myself to work on projects that have global impact and a very satisfying experience.

Whether it is for the mountain bike companies whose products I love, the music bands and communities I enjoy, or the technology companies whose products I use, my work will support not just my active lifestyle but the growth and health of the businesses, organizations, and communities around me.